$CLOUT Poetry - Mottie


A poem, an apology and a lifetime of appreciation for my mother.

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You know how much you mean to me
But I’ve done something that has planted a seed of doubt in you
And this now needs to be uprooted

For there is much in bloom to admire
That we both planted together and watched grow
The most vital being that of my own soul
Your first Rose

The greenhouse you built for me
Shielded me from damage as I nestled in your soil
And fed from the fountains of fertility
That you selflessly let flow

There I was able to appreciate
The authenticity of your beauty
Your beauty that also grows within me
Providing nourishment from a distance

And despite this distance
You have proved in typhoons
That your fountains can still reach me
To wash over my weathered woes

Basking in your limitless love and devotion
It is my responsibility alone
To ensure your memory remains pure
And that your Rose never pricks your gentle hands

I am still growing strong
Winding higher and higher
But I will never forget
The way my roots have been guided by you.

© Rambling Rose, 2020. All rights reserved.

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