Merlin the Fluffy Boy


Hi there DeSo. My name is Merlin. I’m a dog. Mommy and daddy tell me I’m just a mutt. They also tell me I’m a fluffy boy, so I guess that’s my breed? I’m not sure, but you can just call me Merlin the Fluffy Boy.

I love my mommy and daddy so so so much! But lately, they leave me to go rock climbing and Christmas shopping. I don’t like that.

I also heard that they are still in this thing called a “mask mandate.” I don’t know much about it, but they always seem to leave home with a mask.

I figured if I ate the mask, then they’d have to stay home with me!

Well, no one told me that puppies weren’t supposed to eat masks. I got a really bad tummy ache. Daddy told me that the mask got stuck in my small intestines, whatever that is. It sounds yummy, though.

Well, I actually had to have surgery to get it out of me! Boy was it scary too! When I woke up I didn’t know what was going on, and all I knew was they started pulling tubes out of me. I thought they were pulling my intestines out…so I bit them. Turns out they were actually really nice and gave me some feel-good juice. I feels like I’m floating on a cloud now.

Anyways, daddy also told me about DeSo and he’s letting me use his account for something. See, surgery is expensive, and no matter how many times daddy tells me to get a job to help pay for rent, I haven’t. I am just a dog. I don’t have a job. So I wanted to try out this NFT thing. I figures I can sell some cute pictures of myself and put all the moneys towards helping pay my daddy back for my surgery.

I really hope you will think about helping me! I am just a dog, this is all I can do for money.

I am going to post 8 NFTs of myself, each will have 10 copies, and bidding starts at 0.1 DeSo. Of course, I will gladly accept anything above that. Something I’ve heard of called “inflation” has made the surgery super duper expensive. At the end, I’ll mint this post as a single NFT to commemorate one of the first DeSo fundraiser NFT series.

Check them out on NFTz:

Or you can donate on Coinbase:

Thanks you everyone. Whether you donate or not, I love you. That’s just in my nature. I’m Merlin the Fluffy Boy!

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