$CLOUT Poetry - These Days


A poem to celebrate the times when we feel genuinely happy.

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These days exist
Ones that the word ‘volatile’ dare not come to mind
Because it would only be blocked
By a giant pink Buddha of serenity
Who’s smile would simply send it on its way

These days aren’t chosen
They only begin to be when they feel the time is right
When it is long past due
When your body has just about readied itself
Only then does it feel the welcomed change

On other days
The weight of a slight breeze
Can outweigh that of rolling stones
That have pressed irreversible stories on my heart
Stories from a life I would rather not have lived

Today I can debunk my own bunker
That isn’t even full of anything tangible
Only memories that haunt its hollow shell
Ghosts that neither belong nor do not
Yet are lost within an enclosed space

Now one of these days are here
I can usher them into an array of colourful balloons
Each one tethered to nothing but an open sky
And guide them toward the cloud’s eternal rest
For this time I am my own pink Buddha.

© Rambling Rose, 2021. All rights reserved.

🌹 Thanks for reading. I ramble on while the world goes crazy. Come pull up a seat and watch with me.

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