My early attempts to write


Finally again back at home from work. It was another long one.

On my drive home I came up with an idea. After walking in, I quickly rushed to search for some old notes and came across what some would call an “Easter egg”.

Haha it’s a bit funny for me after reading this. I’m pretty sure it’s quite old but thought I’d share it and put it on the blockchain as a reminder to myself. Here’s one of my first attempts to “write”.

I’m stuck in thought 💭

Idk where it’s leading but I figured I’d do my best to try and record it as it follows so someone else can try to collect and make sense of it.

It’s Saturday evening, I’m sitting at the bar top at an Applebee’s restaurant. Tall dark beer, just about to order boneless chicken wings and a burger.

My thoughts are on on this focus of awareness.

Im telling myself to be conscious of my thoughts, what in typing, why I’m typing, how, etc.

I’m extremely sensitive to the sounds around me. Sports talk on the tv, small conversation around the bar, nothing other than those and my own.

I’ve been studying this book. The beginning of infinity. Holy’s like all I’ve suspected has become validated. I’m not crazy.

I’m also thinking about how things are going to change for me. How will my food taste, will I feel safe, what else is out there?

This move to San Antonio is big for me. I’ve never been so far from hone on my own. Not to mention this is for a completely new job field I’ve only ever dreamed about.

I guess that’s all for now. I’ll return with more later.

…from the future.

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