Captain's log 1, stardate unknown: The coffee incident and where the wild thing lives inside of me


When should I start writing about my nervous breakdown, aka my great awakening, and where should I publish it?

I was thinking mini-stories might be fun. It's a wild story. I need to get it out to make sense of what happened. I mean I went straight fucking bananas and didn’t sleep for more than five days fight club style and now I feel normal as ever (medicated) awaiting my first oncology appointment tomorrow morning.

It all started when my husband poured my cup of coffee out at 5 am and told me to go back to bed instead of starting work for the day (I hadn't slept the night before so he was only trying to help.)

I don't know if anyone has ever poured out your cup of coffee, but I snapped like a goddamned crazy person and ran out the front door without my purse without any phone. With nothing.

I hid in some brush when I had gotten far enough away from the house but there was a lady already out walking her dog. I screamed at her and held my hands up like claws. Like a wild thing. And then I ran.

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