Metaverse Sci-Fi? A Short Story


The year is 2024

Coronavius has mutated into a number of deadly strains, lockdowns are a regular occurrence and people are using virtual worlds to socialize safely.

Half of the world is on fire as climate change accelerates and air travel has been tightly regulated to curb emissions, making in-person international business a purely online experience.

Meta’s centralized Metaverse business has more power than any organization or country on earth.

The vast amount of personal data that Meta harvested through the intimate surveillance of its centraland citizens is a prized commodity used to win elections, manufacture political will and consolidate power in the hands of the global elite.

The alternative metaverse platforms The Sandbox and Decentraland have exploded in use and as a result transactions are too expensive and slow to be able to handle any new accounts.

Everyone wants a metaverse space that they own and can use without feeding the Meta-machine.

Out of the darkness that humanity has inadvertently cultivated, a global community of artists, visionaries, hackers, thinkers, community leaders and builders offer hope.

Digital tribes are forming around nodes on a lightning fast social blockchain and the resistance is growing.

DeSoverse nodes can be set up by anyone. Pull the code and run a node to birth a new virtual community which automatically has access to the ever strengthening independent creator economy.

New DesoVerse nodes already have all the tools needed to create a new virtual environment:

Every citizen has an inventory of 3D items which exist across all DeSoverse nodes.

Every citizen can build the environment using in-world tools and import their own design and art. Everything in the DeSoverse can be bought or sold.

As 3D and VR technology development accelerates faster than ever before, the universal DesoVerse API enables any creator to add their own virtual world to the Decentralised Social Metaverse using WebVR, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine or their own custom software.

The interconnected and decentralized DeSoverse is an oasis of innovation, creativity and hope for the billions of people who wish to make a living online without selling their free will to Meta.

At 1 Hacker Way, the Zuckerbots are beginning to develop emotion. They are afraid.

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