$CLOUT Poetry - When It’s All Over


A poem about my not so distant future whilst being stranded in lockdown.

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When it’s all over
Bambi will stop running
And finally, find his mother

The monsters that once dwelled in the dark
Toying with my innermost fears
Will join me for a wholesome tea party

When it’s all over
The devices I recruited as emotional crutches
Will be made redundant — and not furloughed

I’ll breathe the same air as you
Directly and unashamedly
And the scent of freedom will blend into the everyday

When it’s all over
We can burst our own bubbles
And invent actions from our once trapped thoughts

We won’t be socialising indoors
And virtually be “alone together”
But together alone

When it’s all over
I will fall in love again
But for now, I’m content with loving myself.

© Rambling Rose, 2021. All rights reserved.

🌹 Thanks for reading. I ramble on while the world goes crazy. Come pull up a seat and watch with me.

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