$CLOUT Poetry - A Change of Heart


A poem that embraces a new vision of old love

alternate text

A change of heart
That pushes me to the brink of tears

Not of sadness
Or happiness

A swelling in each beat
As if spurred on by an amphetamine touch

Those memories of ours
Floated over us all afternoon

Not crashing down like before
But woven into a blanket
Wrapping us in this new moment

We’re visiting a place
That took eight years to arrive
So we might as well bask under its warm glow

Holding the line we draw
Without expectation
But with anticipation

A part of my heart
It will always hold those memories
And your name
It will always bring them out

A change of heart
Is exactly what it is
But a tattoo is permanent

Even if surgically removed
The scar will always be there
Looking more beautiful than what it preceded.

© Rambling Rose, 2021. All rights reserved.

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