$CLOUT Poetry - Even the Ugly Bits


A poem about knowing that a relationship is bound to go the distance.

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You had me without hesitation
And cradled me at first hello
The waves overlapped in front of us
I didn’t want to let you go

Doubt was abandoned in my stomach
More than once upon a time
By the villains disguised as princes
Making love feel like a crime

For when I let my insides show
The grand gestures rode away
And I was left scooping them back in
For better eyes to see one day

But now I’ve woken from the past
Skin spoiling like a pear
You take me in your tenderness
And rest me in your care

Both the beauty and the beast
Your eyes witness all of me
Even all the ugly bits
I fight so hard not to see

With you, I’m not an organ basket
But your gallery of prized art
Within a ribcage that you’ve guarded
Under lock and key from the start

My life is a compact entity
Every part of you fits
You take me in my entirety
Even the ugly bits.

© Rambling Rose, 2021. All rights reserved.

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