6 Ways I Stay Focused in a Highly Distracting World


All of us have heard of this term but what exactly is meant by Focus?

Focus is an intense positive absorption in a particular task, activity, or work. It is the state when you can shut off the inner voices that seek to distract you in different directions and concentrate on the task at hand.

Though we all know the benefits of a focused mind, in this hyperactive world with a plethora of distractions, focusing on something is an act that is easier said than done. But you need not worry, I have got you covered with the following proven ways to keep you stay focused that I have personally applied to lead an overall better life.

1. Get rid of distractions

This is the most common but important advice that you might have heard of — try to minimize as many distractions as possible. You can start step-by-step:

Turn off the notifications of your phone to the extent possible or put your phone on silent mode for a while.

Shut down the door to your office.

Close all the unwanted and unnecessary apps and programs on your desktop.

Move to a quieter place if possible to concentrate on a task.

Whenever I start writing on my laptop I put the phone on silent mode and open just a single Word document with Airplane mode ON on the laptop with even Grammarly’s suggestions turned OFF to let me focus on just one thing: writing.

2. Try to concentrate on similar tasks

Are you tired of jumping from one task to the other? Are you fed up with multi-tasking?

Well, that’s not without a reason. American Psychological Association has reported that multitasking reduces productivity by up to 40%. To avoid this burnout, group similar tasks together and try to do them one at a time. You will find focusing on tasks easier and consequently get more done at the same time.

I get all the writing-related tasks done in the early morning before anyone in my house wakes up. And I do all different kinds of reading before going to bed.

3. Make a to-do list:

Making a list of all the important things to do in a day can free you up from a lot of mental agonies. Studies show that preparing a list in the order of its important nature and urgency can increase productivity.

This way you will get the most important tasks achieved when your brain is fresh and with the momentum and positivity, you can accomplish the rest of the tasks easily later in the day.

I use Evernote to achieve this objective. The tasks created on the phone seamlessly syncs to the Evernote Windows app on the desktop in the office.

4. Be more mindful:

Are you sick and tired of being distracted all the time?

Well, don’t worry. We all feel the same way from time to time. But by being mindful of what is happening within us and around us, we can avoid getting distracted.

When you get mindful that you are helplessly doomscrolling then you have a better chance of realizing that you are stuck in a vicious circle and hence a better chance at getting out of it.

For eg. recently I was watching a web series and even after consuming three episodes back to back, I didn’t feel like quitting.

But with just a bit of a concerted effort and due to the practice done in the past, I mindfully became aware of what’s happening with me and how I would later regret ‘binge-watching’ when I could have written an article on a brilliant idea that came to my mind.

5. Get sufficient sleep:

This point cannot be emphasized more. So many researches and studies have shown the direct link between the amount and quality of sleep to our mental and emotional well-being. Not getting enough sleep also affects our short-term and long-term memory.

So getting a good quantity and quality of sleep is imperative to concentrate easily on the tasks at hand.

I value 8 hours of sound sleep over all the riches in the world. And it has helped me immensely in all aspects of my life.

6. Set clear goals:

If I cannot focus on a task because it is a complex and huge project to accomplish, I break it down into smaller parts and then ask myself the following questions:

**How can I track the progress?

Is it achievable?

How does it fit with the overall project?

What exactly needs to be done?

How long do I have to complete it?**

It is easier to accomplish goals that are smaller and bite-size. And the small wins accruing from accomplishing small feats feed to overall productivity and confidence.


Whether you are struggling with too many priorities or not getting enough sleep or any other distractions, not being able to focus can hamper your productivity in a big way. That’s why it is important to have few ways of dealing with it.

Following the above-mentioned ways have personally helped me from writing once in a while to writing regularly for the last three months. In addition to increasing my productivity, it has also helped me get more clarity and add more positivity to life.

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