$CLOUT Poetry - Your Little Yokai


A Japanese folklore poem for my brother's engagement about a yokai named Zashiki Warashi.

They live in parlours or storage rooms and perform pranks. People who see one would be visited with good fortune.

alternate text

Someone is waiting for you
In all of your homes to come

Scampering around the ceilings
And leaving footprints for you to ruminate

Letting you know that she will always be there
The Little Yokai

She exists in mischief
As the cherub-like blushing breeze

That tickles your ears
And sweetly summons your smiles

For you three
Are destined to be as one

The Little Yokai; Zashiki Warashi
Will happily fill your hearts

With the luck they each need
To breathe life into your dreams

And will teach your children’s children’s children
How to make the universe their playing ground

Along with all of us

Will celebrate your special moments
That will echo loudly throughout our lifetimes.

© Rambling Rose, 2020. All rights reserved.

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