How about now? The only right view of Time!


A few days ago I came across this quote:

“Time is an illusion, nothing more nothing less”.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the darkness surrounding this quote, this thought or even lifestyle if you will. It amazes me how easy it is to undervalue the most valuable and to overvalue the least valuable things in life. Of course when we are talking about time on the clock, about hours, weeks and years, we can state that time is relative. When we are having fun, time flies. When we are hurting or bored, time doesn’t seem to pass. We all experience this, probably every day.

But time in the essence, our lifetime, or simply put the moments that form our lives, that’s the only real thing there is! To simplify it even further, but at the same time to put more weight on how real time is: the only time that matters and that’s real is NOW.

Of course we enjoy good memories about the past and the past may even shape us. But if we don’t think about those memories now, or apply the lessons that we’ve learned in our past now, what good is the past? It’s like it didn’t happen at all. Or what about bad memories and trauma’s? Things we have experienced in the past often haunt us or limit us in our growth and joy. Why is that? Because we are in some way stuck in the past. This prevents us from looking to this moment as the reality, because what happened back then is most likely not going to happen now if we choose and work to overcome that fear, and do what we’re afraid to do because of our past. Either way, the past is as good as we use it to live now.

“The past is as good as we use it to live now”

Of course it’s important to think about the future and to make plans, but if we don’t do it now, then there is in fact no future; it’s just a bunch of now’s in a row. And then one day we wake up and ask ourselves: ‘What did I actually reach with my existence? What did Iaccomplish? What did I give?’ On the other hand sometimes we worry about the future. There’s a lot going on, and especially when we have kids growing up, we worry about their future. That’s not a bad thing. But if we don’t act on it now, by taking the right measures and precautions for our future or the future of our kids, then worrying is just another heavy load on our shoulders that prevents us from growing in life and enjoying that process. It just takes away are now.

“If we don’t make plans for our future now, then there is in fact no future; it’s just a bunch of now’s in a row”

In conclusion, to say time is an illusion, in my opinion, sounds very depressing, not motivating and simply not true. To say that ‘time’ or ‘this moment’ is everything and is the only real thing there is, that’s powerful and it motivates to capture this moment and to make it count.

The past is a tool to make now even better. The future is a lot of now’s to come of which the quality is partly defined by our preparations now. Now is real, now is the time, now might be all we have.


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