$CLOUT Poetry - The Twister


A poem about why you shouldn’t wait to live.

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I’ve always thought there would be a time
When a glorious life would start to happen

If I just wait here patiently
One day, it will arrive and show me the way

But it’s actually always there

You see…

Life is the howling wind
That cuts through fruit-bearing trees

The branches still try to cling onto its bounty
But the wind is growing louder

Now there are only a few pieces left
Hanging there in the stillness
Begging to be admired

After the turbulence has stripped away
What once could have been
A decade long harvest

Juices trickling down pleased chins
Of passers-by, new acquaintances and old

But you just stood there instead
Waiting for the twister to take you

All that you could have offered, you swallowed
And now they’re dead and buried inside you

You can’t revive them now
Because time has taught you to forget them

You think what you see are strong foundations before you
Beaming sweet and free

But I’ve uprooted myself especially
And plonked my wicked growth onto this raised platform

As I stand here, now stripped and waning
To warn you not to wait for the twister to take you too.

© Rambling Rose, 2021. All rights reserved.

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