$CLOUT Poetry - An Introverted Mind Isn’t


A spoken word poem and plea.

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I’m starting to loathe how I let Facebook
Influence my decision making.

It’s funny how you think an already censored post
Wouldn’t garner as much aggression
That’s masked as “only acting on someone else’s defence”.

But I can confirm
It still does
And it still hurts.

I thought my friendship group was a safe space
Until I got knocked back
And told my personal opinions were in bad taste.

After that, I wondered
Why I bothered sharing in the first place.

I guess I’m regretting now
That I never let them walk far enough down the corridor
Enough to know the truth.

That my strong reactions to the public mistreatment of children
Didn’t come from the mind of privileged youth.

Sitting in her ivory tower
Telling the peasants how to live
Whilst sprinkling the word “should” on everything
As if attempting to sugar coat acts of child abuse.

Maybe I’ll just retreat back to that place
Where I attempt to make sense of other’s actions
Whilst trying not to let them determine
How much I trust my own reactions.

Continue to be seen as the confident outsider
Too cool to join the conversation
When in fact she’s just the pickled voice
That’s trying not to drown in its own liquor.

© Rambling Rose, 2021. All rights reserved.

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