$CLOUT Poetry - Waiting for Me


A poem about feeling that a good life is far out of reach.

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In a world of boundless sky
I am a flightless bird
With feeble legs

My real life is waiting for me
Over a great brick wall
But I’m still stuck in the wrong side’s mud

No matter how furious I fight
No matter how heavy my weight
No matter how my knuckles bleed into the bricks

Another swing now
For life’s every miss
That’s kept me on the wrong side

The wall has always shown misleading cracks of hope
But they withstood time as strongly as cement holds
I’m starting to believe they’re painted on

I’m still dwelling here in the cold
Next to the corpse of my old self
Imagining a future beyond the wall I’m too weak to climb

I continue to hope, dream, beg
For the power to break open, and step into my new life
And bury the old, right where my feet once stood, waiting

But if I’m cripplingly honest
I can’t do it

I can’t do it

No matter how great a life that’s out there
No matter how patiently it waits for me
I’m still waiting for me.

© Rambling Rose, 2021. All rights reserved.

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