Questioning Death..


Why do we, humans die?

Some turtles live more than 300 years

Our days short, filled with fears

And yet we don’t want to lie

Down under the ground that feeds trees

That even live for thousands of years

Without traveling, craving or some cheers

Unlike us, but we die despite all the tears.

What’s with that? Look at our brain

Unlimited possibilities, built to sustain

Knowledge, joy, growth, or any pain

But suddenly, all of it down the drain.

What about our cells, forever duplicating

Does someone dare stating

Why it just stops, giving birth to this godforsaken

Aging and dying, that we keep hating?

Even though it’s familiar, part of live some say

Cause we’ve all seen it, felt it, can’t escape its way

Yet it doesn’t make any sense, what’s going on?

Not afraid, just some questions to ponder on…

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