$CLOUT Poetry - Future Kiss


A poem about something that is yet (but bound) to happen.

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My brain is fogged
By the mere fact that you exist
And it’s a gift, not a hindrance

Even though I’m becoming lost
In the daily humdrum
I can find myself there, smiling

Here I go again
Letting go of reservation
Being led by ideals, into the jungle

What would have once raised suspicions
Now flow into me, freely
You’ll keep your silky promises

Who’s to say that hope is dead?
That trusting your own trust in someone
Is a naughty school child, in the corner

You make my heart dance in my chest
Upon the remains of its old valves
Rehearsing for opening night; when our eyes will eventually lock

Anticipation is a mandatory friend
Until I meet you where the water meets the land
And we can each prove our bodily truths

Too early to speak certainty
But too late to walk away
From our future kiss.

© Rambling Rose, 2021. All rights reserved.

🌹 Thanks for reading. I ramble on while the world goes crazy. Come pull up a seat and watch with me.

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