9 Signs That Christmas Is Over


In case you haven't heard, Christmas 2021 is over. If you are one of those types who needs PROOF for everything, here are 9 signs that Christmas is over.

9- Mall Santas return en masse to their hibernation pods.

8- Sudden influx of drunken elves into major cities.

7- Lazy people start referring to their Christmas lights as "general purpose" accent lighting.

6- It is impossible to find peppermint-flavored lube at CVS.

5- Frozen reindeer nuggets are affordable again.

4- Santa starts feeding the surplus elves to the polar bears.

3- Mrs. Claus resumes her shows on OnlyFans.

2- Rudolph checks back into rehab for his runaway cocaine addiction.

1- 'Die Hard' is referred to as an action film once again.

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