$CLOUT Poetry - Our Appetites Are Now Dampened


A poem about the tragic loss of a once feeling of magic love.

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What’s that you’re saying there?
I forced the issue
And created friction too soon?
Oh well

Your t-shirt that’s been draped here
Perfuming my bedpost for a month
Has found its way into my near-full bin
Oh well

The smell of your deodorant
And our combined bodies mingling
Have now been overpowered by unpleasant eventualities that life brings
Oh well

The chilli sapling
I once held high hopes to grow
Is now tainted by your memories
Such a shame

It’s a good thing I didn’t invest more
Into coaxing out its prime
Something I’d promised I’d do for you
Such a shame

It’s now going to a new home
Somewhere warm and loving
Removed from my sight and mind
Such a shame

The popped Cava cork I kept
From our first dinner of lights and laughter
Has been lying dead on my desk for weeks now
Poor thing

So are the roses of pink and orange
I gathered from the bouquet
You presented me with such promise that night
Poor things

It had no idea of its near-future relevance
As delicate shrivelled corpses stand beautifully together
Suspended in their frailty
Poor things

All of these things
I’ve either nested or discarded
Serve as a reminder not to feel so strongly so quickly
It was only two dates

That long period of uncertainty
Should have been cut shorter by his honesty
You realise now his blindsided reservations
It was only two dates

Even though that honesty rejected you
Even though it even said it had feelings for you
Remember that there's no need for more tears
It was only two dates

But what’s this I’m thinking now?
It was all an assumption made up by a ghost
Who always creeps their way inside the conversation
As our appetites are now dampened

The ghost has taken the t-shirt from its smelly grave
And the sapling’s promise revoked
To undo the damage spiked by hasty self-preservation
Although our appetites are now dampened

I sped up organic time to protect myself
From the pain that had not yet reared its all-consuming face
You and I are still connected
Yet our appetites are now dampened.

© Rambling Rose, 2021. All rights reserved.

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