$CLOUT Poetry - I Want to Be a Robot


A poem about some of the real struggles of being human.

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I want to be a robot
For all the reasons I’m currently not

Unable to function without an emotional connection
I live in misdirection
To Mrs NERG and her eternal suggestions

A robot wouldn’t feel

I’m not even going to include a comparison here
A witty visual cue that lets you side with me without knowing me

No, a robot wouldn’t feel
Yet they still have the luxury of being real

It would be so easy for it to defragment any overwhelming data
Override any danger
Wipe clean any unwanted trauma
So it can roll on without bearing the extra weight

For a technophobe, I’m sounding like a massive hypocrite

Please teach me how not to feel
When I let nonsensical impulsions
Operate the muscles in my mouth that should have learned
How not to move

Let me know what feelings were
Only as an external function to observe from others

Take away the embarrassment of not being in control of them
And their ability to give all of my power away

I want to be a robot

So I can be confident that my meaning for existence
Wasn’t to spout words that churn honey into tripe over time

But fulfil a purpose
That I could be assured of with 99.99% accuracy
Would lead to me actually fitting in with humanity, for a change.

© Rambling Rose, 2021. All rights reserved.

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