$CLOUT Poetry - Is It Monday Yet?


A poem about what just happened...

There are moments in life of pure excitement. In my case, I had just finished speaking for over an hour to a promising OkCupid match and we had arranged to meet for the first time... on Monday.

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Is it Monday yet?
I find myself asking… myself

I don’t think there can be anything between now and then
As complex or as life imbued
As the hour and a half long conversation
That we just ignited and allowed to soar

It could have made electrical currents
Travelling beyond any fathomable mileage per hour
To perfectly orchestrated connection points
Tremble with intimidation

We have spoken only once
But ever since
The muscles in my entire face
Have forgotten how to function

I’m trying to teach them all to behave accordingly again
And adhere to reason
Following my orders
But the childlike sprite in me is being willfully ignorant

It just smiles like a loon
Knowing fully well
That it has been given the inexplicable permission
To revel in an unfiltered state of ecstasy

And when my brain tries to make sense of what’s just happened
Little puffs of breath escape
Being ridden by pin-drop giggles
Carrying a secret glee that had been hiding inside me this whole time

This is where the magic starts
For our minds need to connect before our hearts
And there’s so much I want to say to you before I forget
So… is it Monday yet?

© Rambling Rose, 2020. All rights reserved.

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