$CLOUT Poetry - Our Getaway


A poem about the first time we each said: “I love you”.

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These two days melded
Into sliding time
Kept inside a memory
Bathed in the sublime

We nestled in a lodge
Built with us in mind
Who knew of the treasures
It hid for us to find

No sounds but geese shrieking
And blissful bird song
Enveloped our bearings
Allowing us all to get along

Fun and games for our splendour
From the moment we caught the skies
Bubbles rose into the rainfall
Magnets charged between our eyes

No insects too persistent
No insecurities to great
Will outweigh all that we are feeling
Will diminish memories we create

When betwixt in our moments
A great rainbow appeared
Held in vivid alignment
Once the slate clouds had cleared

Now crisp sheets rest beneath us
Wooden panels hang above
My lazy head lay to the left, eyes open,
Gazing upon the man I love.

© Rambling Rose, 2021. All rights reserved.

🌹 Thanks for reading. I ramble on while the world goes crazy. Come pull up a seat and watch with me.

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