$CLOUT Poetry - The Cusp


A poem about how it feels to be on the edge of great love.

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My toes are teetering on the edge
Of a step, I’m yet to climb

Looking up at a crowd set before me
We are all suspended in time

Soon the people will disperse
Making their way to higher ground

With hopes of creating Neverland
Inside the lives soon to be found

The step is cluttered with my dreams
Saved for when I do ascend

To remember that this time actually fulfilled a purpose
Before its celebrated end

I carry my heart in my hands
Mothering it from feet that are not mine

Waiting for the queue to carry me along
The pandemic’s absconding line

My heart, although reserved
Is still beating louder than ever

As I have been telling it tales
Of all the time we’d spend together

Sharing experiences that would rewrite the history
That was once too painful to show

And unknowingly co-author a love story
That none but two would ever know

The mere exhilaration would fill us both
And carry us far above

Beyond this patient staircase, we now wait upon
Anticipating a not so distant promise of love

For now, I stand on the cusp
Of a world yet to spark its mighty flame

But I’m safe in the knowledge that you’ll be there soon
Beckoning me by name.

© Rambling Rose, 2021. All rights reserved.

🌹 Thanks for reading. I ramble on while the world goes crazy. Come pull up a seat and watch with me.

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