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What is Decentr?

Decentr is very similar to Brave browser with the model #BrowseToEarn.

The main key difference between Brave browser is With Decentr, platform credits are completely decentralized and users can get credit with PDV for engaging with ads that they actually care about.

This is also different because the more a user engages with an ad, the more PDV is generated for the user. This includes things like liking, sharing with friends, commenting, etc. Everything that you do in Decentr browser is stored securely in your DecId, accruing and gaining value much like a fungible digital currency. In Decentr, owning your own data becomes the currency.

Therefore DECENTR token is based off an immutable source of user data that will continue to accrue in value over time, especially with positive engagement.

The Decentr Referral Program Structure

Earn up to $2.50 in $DEC for every user you refer to Decentr.

1โ€“100 Referrals = 10 DEC per Referred User

101โ€“250 Referrals = 12.5 DEC per Referred User

251โ€“500 Referrals = 15 DEC per Referred User

500+ Referrals = 20 DEC per Referred User

100 DEC Bonus at 100 Referred Users

250 DEC Bonus at 250 Referred Users

500 DEC Bonus at 500 Referred Users

1000 DEC Bonus at 1000 Referred Users

2500 DEC Bonus at 2500 Referred Users

5000 DEC Bonus at 5000 Referred Users

10000 DEC Bonus at 10000 Referred Users

Here is my referral link: Decentr

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