This is Why ClouTPub is Another Failed Project.


As a Writer, I have looked around for a blockchain publishing platform that will accomodate my needs, but they all keep on making the same mistake. So, in this article I am going to spell it out load for creators of this CloutPub. I am going to tell you why this project is already a huge failure as a blockchain platform for readers and publishers all together.

  1. It's another wannabe blockchain publishing platform. I learned about this from Medium, someone was bragging about it and how good it is, then I wanted to check it out. The first two red flags were, payments based on your coins and tips. Do you know anyone who with stable life based on tips? let's continue. Then someone else has to be the holder of your coins to read your stuff. Here is the thing, if this site is about reading and publishing contents, let it focus only on one thing and one thing only. What's up with people holding so many coins from so many people? Have you ever thought if someone subscribes to 5000 people, would they have to scroll around 5000 coins? isn't this simply a failed model? And by the way, tips? seriously? you expect someone to spend hours and hours of reserch for you to tip them ? there has to be a more substansial and stable ways to generate income than simply tipping people.

  2. The instability nature of cryptos. I have noticed a lot of dead and forgotten blockchain projects have something in common, the inflation of their tokens or coins. Because this is unstable market, there are always greater risks and instability for good content creators to even think about spending their time to create content for such platforms. The other day I was researching for social media projects to find out that a lot of them just died out because their tokens were worth nothing.

  3. What's up with the name? seriously this name is so heavy on the tongue, who came up with that name? do you guys just dream about stuff and make them your first choice? BitClout, CloutPub say what?? come up with names that makes someone curious, something that sounds professional with rhythms.

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